My memoir “Myopia” to be published in 2017

newbedfordDear Friends and Readers,

I am so pleased to announce that IP Books will publish Myopia, a memoir, my family memoir that will be coming out some time in 2017. I promise to keep you posted.

Work began on this close to 30 years ago while living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. My mother passed away in 1986, and my father was in his early 90s and dying slowly from kidney failure. The more I thought about my father’s bumpy road from extreme poverty and the pogroms of Russia to the streets of Philadelphia, from working long hours at The Philadelphia Inquirer to creating a private practice in ophthalmology, the more I wanted to know and explore my family.

After some years of researching the family history and writing single chapters, I came to work with Thomas H. Ogden, M.D. As I began to share these chapters with him, he brought new insight to me and thus to the work. This was exciting for me, and I began to look for opportunities to study writing.

When I finally submitted chapters to my critique group in New Mexico and to my writing mentors, Lisa Lenard-Cook and Lynn Miller, they encouraged me to move forward with the project. Lisa agreed to edit the manuscript for me and helped me to see how I could join all of these random chapters into a readable product. She did an incredible job, but she passed away in 2016, and my one regret is that she did not live long enough to see it in print.

I will be reading from the memoir as well as What Survives at my upcoming readings, which will be at 3 p.m. Aug. 28 at Page 1 in Albuquerque and 3 p.m. Sept. 25 at Bookworks in Albuquerque.

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