A Writing Life Can Include Art

A Writing Life Can Include Art


On a recent trip to visit my sister for her birthday, she invited me to play with her in her studio. She has taken up watercolors after years of incredible art quilting. Since I had played with Japanese and Chinese ink brush painting, watercolors sounded like fun to me. For two days, I was enraptured with this new right-brain exercise, and I left Denver with a list of purchases, some of which my generous sister is gifting me.

Whatever the artistic process is, it is good to have alternative ways to get the right brain going again when you have unknowingly crossed over to the left brain. When one is writing historically based fiction, the research can comfortably go on forever if one doesn’t push oneself back into right-brain functioning. At least, that is the case with me. And since this is for fun only, and not terribly cost-prohibitive, I can make all the messes I want as I learn.

The art of doing something different

blog28_underwater-sea-creaturesSo, I am grateful that I did not sell or give away my lovely art table. The task will be where to put it. Until I discover where that place might be, I will cover the dining room table with plastic whenever I play with art.

There is something exciting about doing something different, as most of my days are spent in front of my computer. I am there because I want to be, but there are those days when technology fails me and then, the playfulness of paint will relieve frustration and hopefully, send me back to my desk chair.

And in that vein, I now have a new Turkish tutor and can move along at my own pace. Nursel is kind and patient and excited to learn some English from me. This is most definitely a left-brain function, but it does make my aging brain strain in the memory area.

Just so that you can compare my early work with my later work (anything is “later” at this point), I have included one of my efforts below: Rorschach, underwater sea creatures or plain old bacteria? Please let me know!

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