The Joy of Reading My Work Aloud

The Joy of Reading My Work Aloud

Why You’ll Be Hearing More from Me

The first time I read for an audience, I was shaking like a palm tree in hurricane winds. Writers are by nature more introverted folk. We tend to enjoy being with ourselves and our characters, and only with much hesitation and the painful necessity of book sales, do we step up to the podium to speak.

These days, after several years of appearances here and there, I have learned to enjoy reading my work to enthusiastic audiences. And it is true that most audiences at readings are enthusiastic, or they would not attend in the first place. After all, it is not Cirque du Soleil or Hamilton. However, it does take much practice and preparation to do a good reading.

The Fabulous World of Audio

As I was chatting with a dear friend one day, she reminded me of her dyslexia. “Why don’t you do audio books?” she asked. “Why don’t you just record some of your work on the web?” I thought it just might be a fabulous idea. And if people respond positively, an audiobook could certainly be in the works for the future.

Recently, I read from the novel I am currently writing at the Raindrop Foundation in Albuquerque. When I periodically looked around the room, I could see that my audience was gripped by my story. This is a rewarding experience for a writer who does not normally watch people read her books. So many folks asked me when this book will be finished, as the chapter piqued their interest and curiosity. They told me, “I want to know what happens.”

My Audio Channels

So, I called upon the son of friends who just happens to have a recording studio in his

Reading in Boston in April 2018 with Dr. Anna Ornstein [PHOTO BY ARTHUR SKOY]

basement. He said “sure” and “when,” and over the next few weeks we managed to get three chapters successfully recorded: Chapter 1 from What Survives and Chapters 6 and 9 from Myopia, a memoir, “Irrevocable Bonds” and “Lemon Meringue Pie in the Land of Keretaria.”

You can find these recordings in several places, starting Dec. 1:

The experience of recording my chapters was hard work but fun, and Josh Firestone certainly has more patience than I will ever have. He was forgiving of my stops and starts and corrected them with professionalism and acuity. I recommend him to any writers out there wishing to do the same.

What’s Ahead: I’d Love to Hear from You

What is in the works now is changing these chapter readings from time to time to give you different tastes of what else I am working on, along with what is already out there.

And I would love to have your feedback on these readings. Do they make you want to read more? Listen more? How did the reading affect you? I want to know! Please send me an email or comment on my Facebook author page.

And, a Love Note to All the Other Authors

By the way, reading your work aloud to yourself and/or another trusted person is the best way to find mistakes or lines that could stand more editing. My coach, Lynn Miller, and I do this regularly. This is the best technique to catch the same word you have used too many times and awkward sentences that can easily be rewritten, along with a myriad of other possible corrections. Thus, reading out loud is the perfect editing tool, along with being able to reach for a wider audience.

My hope is that you will enjoy this new feature and that you will make comments for me along the way.

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