Looking Back and Looking Forward

Looking Back and Looking Forward

My novel As They Are will take you back to Turkey. Look for it April 12, 2022, or get on the pre-order list now.

I miss Turkey. My plans to go back, like the plans of so many others, have been interrupted by politics and the advent of the coronavirus. I miss the sights, the sounds, the people, the smells, the music. I envy those I know who have made the trip despite it all, but my immune system will not allow me to travel under the present circumstances.

Now that my second novel in A Turkish Trilogy, As They Are, will be coming out April 2022, published by Black Rose Writing, I yearn for Turkey every day. I especially yearn for Turkish food that I do not have to cook myself.

As They Are – Coming April 12, 2022


Generous and ingenious, Fatma wants to give her descendants a chance at a better life, one that bears more risk than she may take for herself. Fatma is born to a single mother deep in the fairy cave dwellings of Cappadocia in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey. At the moment of her birth, a fierce military field marshal, Mustafa Kemal (Ataturk, future founder of the Republic of Turkey), is driving Allied forces from the Gallipoli peninsula.

Set against the backdrop of Ataturk’s sweeping changes, As They Are follows the story of a village girl struggling to become a woman as the decimated Ottoman Empire struggles to become a republic. {Link to full synopsis here]

It is a prequel to my award-winning novel, What Survives, which also will be picked up the Black Rose Writing. {Link to synopsis of What Survives here}

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What Survives
To be reissued by Black Rose Writing


But since I have had the good fortune to attend cooking classes at the Raindrop Foundation here in Albuquerque, and since I have purchased the Raindrop Foundation cookbook, (along with other Turkish cookbooks), I am not deprived of the wonderful foods. Well, to a certain extent anyway. The vegetables, the fish, the spices, the cheeses, the breads, and on and on, only somewhat resemble the ones to be found in Turkey.

I know of nowhere else I can experience such a display of perfection. Every tomato is perfect. Every pepper is perfect. One doesn’t have to manhandle all of them to find a few good ones. In this market, one can allow the seller to bag them without fear of finding rotten ones at the bottom.

            The Turkish markets are among the things I miss most about Turkey. In the midst of eggplants, cabbages, fish, and fruit, retailers exhibit a wide assortment of necessities. This is a one-stop shop along a long, winding street.

And as I write my third and last novel of A Turkish Trilogy, A Coup, I am looking back on the many wonders of my travels there and looking forward to many more in my future.

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