My interview with Joan Schweighardt about ‘River Aria’ on

My interview with Joan Schweighardt about ‘River Aria’ on

I’m so pleased to do this in-depth interview with the lovely and talented Joan Schweighardt, author of the Rivers Trilogy, for Her latest book, River Aria, is the third in the trilogy.

It began with a freelance assignment about a little-known historical event, which became a decade-long fascination that led to three novels. Schweighardt came across the annotated diary of a man who tapped rubber trees in the Amazon rainforest during the rubber boom of the early 1900s. She found herself riveted, and soon there was Book One, Before We Died. The characters kept speaking to her, and soon there was Book Two, Gifts for the Dead.

My path has had similarities—my second novel, As They Are, is forthcoming from Black Rose Writing in June 2022, and it is a prequel to What Survives, which will be re-issued by Black Rose in April 2022.

In this interview, I ask Joan about her process, and I hope you find it as fascinating as I did.

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