Cooking Class at the Raindrop Foundation is Back!!

Cooking Class at the Raindrop Foundation is Back!!

You may remember my mourning the lack of cooking classes at the Turkish House during the worst of COVID-19 and prior to the days of vaccinations. I was thrilled to be able to sign up for class this past Saturday, Nov. 6, 2021.

To my pleasant surprise, the room was filled with a variety of masked and vaccinated women, all eager to experience the art of Turkish cuisine. Rabia Sahin Orhan led the foursome of Turkish experts in creating an unforgettable meal.

Eggplant is the only vegetable my husband is not particularly fond of, but I took him a carry-home box, and he loved it. The eggplant is sliced and fried before it is placed in the bottom of the bundt cake pan, and the meat and vegetables are added in layers. This dish can also be vegetarian by simply eliminating the layer of meat.

Even though I have traveled in Turkey and stayed for a brief time in Istanbul, I have never seen this dish. It is called Patican Kapama, and roughly translated, it means the dress of the eggplant, dressing the eggplant or ‘the eggplant’s dress.”

You will be able to follow me soon on Instagram for complete recipes and details. Here today are some step-by-step photos to tantalize you and perhaps entice you to come to a class.

Contact The Raindrop Foundation in Albuquerque to get on a mailing list to receive the class schedule. Vaccinations and masks are required.

The women at the Raindrop Turkish House in Albuquerque led a fabulous cooking class this past weekend.

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