Love and Food in a Turkish Kitchen

Love and Food in a Turkish Kitchen

There is nothing quite like the kitchen at the Raindrop Foundation, which is a center for Turkish culture in Albuquerque. Sorry for the blurriness of the photos, but these are women in constant motion! It is impossible to get them to hold any pose, as they put together an incredible meal for all of us. On this occasion, some of us washed our hands and joined them in rolling the dolma and filling in the squash. My cabbage rolls looked nothing like theirs. They kindly assured me, saying that it takes much practice. My Japanese neighbor said the same thing as I fumbled to copy her movements in making sushi. A very special kitchen There is something special about this kitchen and something unique about the women who present these cooking classes every two weeks (with...

A Successful Book Launch

The book launch for What Survives was very successful! The food was amazing and Lynn and Lynda Miller and Hilda Raz outdid themselves. Thank you, my dear, dear friends. The launch reading was dedicated in loving memory of Lisa Lenard Cook. I wish she could have been there, but her loving presence was felt by all who knew her. I think she may have even told me what to read! Many thanks to all who came. For all those who couldn’t make it on a busy Fourth of July weekend, you can follow my events on this website and join me on another day. The author with her dear friend, Brahna Wilczynski Folks gather to have their books signed. L-R: Hilda Raz, Lynda Miller, author Phyllis M Skoy and Lynn Miller. From left, Lynn Miller, author Phyllis M Skoy and her sister,...

Why I Write About Turkey

When my husband, Arthur, and I returned from Greece, the only place I wanted to visit was Turkey. The benevolent friends who loaned us their home in Monemvasia in the Peloponnese traveled back and forth to Turkey frequently. Something about their tales inspired me to begin an investigation into a trip that would take us on an adventure we had not found anywhere before or since. Arthur was not terribly interested in Turkey at first. “Why do you want to go there,” he asked. “Why not France or Spain?” “I’ve already been to France and Spain,” I retorted with a bit of arrogance. “Let’s do something completely different.” Arthur’s Greek friend pleaded with him, “Please don’t go to Turkey, I beg you.” Of course, Arthur immediately reported this to me. My response was...

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